MAG-FAST® for AR-15 Standard Height

MAG-FAST® for AR-15 Standard Height
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Price: $260.00
Product ID : AR15-SP
Weight: 7.00 lbs
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We are happy to release the first version of the MAG-FAST® lockable firearm mount.

Fast-Access, Secure Storage for your AR-15 or other AR Pattern Rifle

Designed to be mounted in a closet or out of sight behind a door, the MAG-FAST uses a Schlage keyway lock to secure your rifle to the wall. This provides rapid access to authorized individuals, but helps keep your rifle safe from tampering, firing or theft while it is secured.

This version is designed to fit any standard AR-15 pattern carbine that accepts mil-spec 5.56 NATO or 223 Rem magazines and uses a mil-spec diameter bolt carrier group. We have verified that it works well with the Sig® 556 rifle.
NOTE: When mounted on a "standard height" MAG_FAST®, the centerline of the barrel's bore sits 1.450" away from the aluminum backing plate and 1.825" away from the sheetrock wall. If you have accessories that hang off of the left side of your AR-15, and you are unsure if they will clear, just give us a call and we'll make sure that you get the right size.

- the MAG-FAST® engages the upper receiver, so even if the pins are pulled, the upper stays with the lower.
- before the MAG-FAST® will lock, the bolt must be retracted. This means that the rifle cannot fire while secured (even in a house fire) and it also means that it is ready to load as soon as it is removed from the MAG-FAST®.
- the structural elements of the MAG-FAST® are machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum for strength and durability
- the wall mount version was designed to mount onto two adjacent wall studs on 16" centers. It works equally well in the "barrel-up" or "barrel-down" orientation. The choice is yours. It can be mounted vertically, so that the rifle points either right or left, but this would only use one stud so the remaining two mounting holes should be used with a suitable drywall anchor of your choice.

Note: Rifle is NOT included!

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by rick
08/19/2014 - 03:32:43 PM
give it 10 stars
I acquired an AR gun locking system from mag-fast about 10 days ago. Upon opening the package it was evident that the design was solid as were the materials and workmanship. Before mounting or reading any instructions I mounted my AR on the system and locked it in place. When I tried to remove it I couldn't. I looked at the instructions and had to smile when it said to press the mag release. I did, and off it came. I guess on occasion it pays to look at the instructions. After locking and removing a couple of times I find it a very fast and a smoothly operating device. I highly recommend the product for safe storage, immediate access of your AR.

Reviewed by Mark
08/07/2014 - 10:42:28 PM
Built like a tank!
Out of 5 stars, I give it all 5. Pictures and words do not do this thing justice, it is really HEAVY DUTY! this thing weighs 7 pounds! I was really surprised when I got mine, it is extremely well built. By using a standard house type lock you can have it rekeyed to match your front door if you like I really like the idea of that, I like to keep as few keys in my pocket as possible and having the same as the house key, allows quicker access. If you are hesitant about getting one, don't be, it's worth it.

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Product is out of stock
Product is out of stock

Pre-Order Status

Pre-orders for the keypad version of the MAG-FAST locking mount are no longer being accepted.

My initial testing revealed some manufacturing challenges that I was able to resolve with a little time on the CNC mill. Basically, my original design made it very difficult to route all the wires that need to go to/from the switches, LED, buzzer, keypad, etc. After reworking the parts, I was finishing up my final testing so that I could start assembling the pre-orders and I discovered a security flaw related to reversing the polarity of the battery pack. After some design work, I have a solution that doesn't compromise performance at all, but it does take me quite a while to assemble each power line. I have finished all the rest of the testing, and I am finally at the point where I can start to assemble final units. I will contact those with a pending pre-order when your unit is ready to ship. Thanks to all who have pre-ordered for your patience!

I will be at the next Dixie Gun Show in Raleigh on August 6-7 and will contact you ahead of time if your order can be picked up at the show.

I do have the keyed versions in stock and ready to ship!
Updated on 7/16/2016