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Frequently Asked Questions


We've listed the most commonly asked questions along with some brief answers to help you learn more about the MAG-FAST locking rifle mount system. If you need more information, please contact us directly:


What rifles will the MAG-FAST system support?

The MAG-FAST Model: AR15-SP is designed to fit any standard AR-15 pattern carbine that accepts mil-spec 5.56 NATO or 223 Rem magazines and uses a mil-spec diameter bolt carrier group. We have verified that it works well with the Sig® 556 rifle. 
NOTE: When mounted on a "standard height" MAG_FAST®, the centerline of the barrel's bore sits 1.450" away from the aluminum backing plate and 1.825" away from the sheetrock wall. If you have accessories that hang off of the left side of your AR-15, and you are unsure if they will clear, just give us a call and we'll make sure that you get the right size. If you have accessories that won't clear, we might have a taller spacer in stock that can accommodate your configuration.

Can my rifle be fired when mounted to the MAG-FAST?

No. The MAG-FAST was designed to store the rifle in a safe state. As long as your rifle is secured by the MAG-FAST, there will be more than two inches of aluminum between the AR-15's firing pin and the chamber of the rifle. This means that even if you were to somehow leave a round in the rifle's chamber, there is no risk of a discharge, even in a house fire.

NOTE: In order for you to have this level of safety, the rifle MUST be securely locked to the MAG-FAST. You must also ensure that only authorized users of your rifle ever have access to the MAG-FAST key and you need to ensure that the MAG-FAST is actually locked when you leave the rifle unattended.

How does the MAG-FAST keep someone from cutting through the magazine to take my rifle?

Although the structure of the MAG-FAST is primarily made of 6061-T6 aluminum, when your rifle is securely mounted by the MAG-FAST there is 0.75 inches of hardened steel that lies immediately below the aluminum skin that would hamper any attempt to cut a rifle off of its mount.

How do I prevent someone from unscrewing the MAG-FAST from the wall?

If one of your goals in purchasing the MAG-FAST is to help prevent theft, then we recommend that you use our Enhanced Security Kit to prevent anyone from using common tools to remove the MAG-FAST from a wall. This kit will give you everything that you need to install hardened steel spheres in the center of each of the mounting screws used in the installation. These spheres will prevent a screwdriver from engaging the screw head and will also make it extremely difficult to use a drill to drill out the screw. Please make sure that you are happy with the location of your MAG-FAST before you install the Enhanced Security Kit!

What if I lose my keys?

The MAG-FAST uses commonly available Schlage 5-pin keys. If you know the code of your key (stamped on each key we ship), your local locksmith should be able to cut you a replacement. For your security, we do NOT keep any record of this information, so if you lose your key and you don't have the code written down anywhere, you will have to have a locksmith come to the mounted MAG-FAST to help you out.

How secure is the MAG-FAST?

The MAG-FAST was designed to prevent unauthorized access to your rifle while at the same time keeping your rifle readily accessible to authorized users. The question of security has different answers for different people. Some customers want to keep their rifle secure from the curious hands of children, nosy guests, in-home workers, et cetera. Other clients purchase the MAG-FAST to make sure that their rifle doesn't end up being used against them if they return home to find a burglary in progress, while still others purchase the MAG-FAST to prevent theft in general. Addressing these goals in order:

Can I mount my MAG-FAST in my car or truck (or boat)?

Yes. Both the MAG-FAST and the MAG-FAST Mobile were designed to be mounted in any orientation you desire. You should be aware that the dynamic nature of vehicles can cause additional forces to be applied to your AR-15's lower receiver. These forces are not only dependent on how aggressively the vehicle is driven, but also on how much weight is hung on the upper receiver of the rifle, especially when the weight is placed out toward the muzzle of the barrel. We have run analyses on the design and have determined that no damage will occur until shock loadings exceed 30G's, assuming a standard 16" barreled AR with a weapon light attached at the end of the hand-guard. If you would like to get more information on this, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to discuss your application.

Can I use my house key to operate my MAG-FAST?

Yes. Probably. The MAG-FAST was designed to use the most common house key style in the US. If your house locks use a 5-pin Schlage keyway (both Schlage and Dexter brand residential locks typically do), then you can have your MAG-FAST lock rekeyed to use the same key as your house. You MUST have this rekeying done BEFORE YOU INSTALL the MAG-FAST. Please refer to the Installation Guide for details on how to have your MAG-FAST rekeyed. 

NOTE: We can source other keyways for your MAG-FAST system as a special order item. Please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing a MAG-FAST with a custom keyway. 

Why isn't the Enhanced Security Kit included with every MAG-FAST?

At MAG-FAST we work hard to provide the highest quality parts at the best possible price to our customers. Since not all of our customers want or need the theft deterrence provided by the Enhanced Security Kit, we chose to offer the MAG-FAST at a lower base price and let those who do want or need the "Kit" purchase it as a modestly priced option.

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